all content herein is strictly vegan eats.

Roasted spaghetti squash rubbed with sunflower oil & crushed garlic. I left the seeds in because I always take them out, in hopes to roast them later.. you know after soaking to reduce the phytic acid.. this makes the vitamins (magnesium, zinc, potassium, and iron) more available to our body. BUT i never seem to get around to it and they turn grody… plus it’s too freakin hot to be using the oven that often. Pleasant crunch contrast to the squash threads.

Cool cucumber noodles, celery, coriander with spicy, sweet, fishy, limey Asian-ish sesame peanut, hemp heart, Brazil nut dressing

Romaine, heirloom lettuces, raddichio, carrot, balsamic maple herb de provence dressing. Fresh almond milk Mexican chocolate. Stuffing. Sautéed beyond meat chickn & kale. Blackberry jam

Cheese fruit plate. Long beans & heirloom tomatoes in veg oyster sauce. Roasted garlic/truffle kombucha squash. Moroccan spiced chickn. Kale w/ balsamic glaze, fresh garlic

raw summer squash noodles w/ creamy avocado sauce & tomatoes, strawberry, chocolate, almond galette, berry-pomegranate-banana smoothie, cucumber gin lemonade punch